Hassle free booking with decision-making support included.

If you have a large number of meeting rooms, you face two challenges: Using them efficiently and actually benefitting from all your meetings. Evoko Room Manger EVO is a new software version of Evoko’s ingenious room-booking product, which thanks to its monitoring and statistics functions meets both these challenges. Evoko Room Manager clarifies the booking situation with the use of touch-screens located outside each meeting room. With Evoko Room Manager EVO, the company’s system administrator controls and monitors all touch-screens directly from his computer; at the same time, management gains access to a valuable decision-making tool based on the employees’ meeting patterns.


They went from post-it notes and colleagues not used to booking rooms in calendars to modern efficiency with Evoko Room Managers. And it works. It is now easier for the 150 people at the editorial of the Swedish newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren, to keep track of the meeting rooms. Today they have almost no double bookings and the clarity as well as the room usage have increased.

Unitedlog Group

Increased book-ability of meeting rooms, spontaneous meetings and no more double-bookings are some of the positive effects Unitedlog Group has noticed after including Evoko Room Manager in their business life.

Happen AB

It was love at first sight when John Jureit, a partner at Happen, saw Evoko Room Manager for the first time when visiting a sub-contractor and thought: ”We need this product”.