The Room Manager keeps evolving

We have just released a new software version for the Evoko Room Manager with lots of great updates. Some of the things we have done is to add Multi-site management to make it easier to handle large installations, improved and extended the statistics, added an email reminder if no-one has confirmed the meeting, made it possible to deactivate what can be done from the screen and updated the demo application to make it easier to show all of the great things the Evoko Room Manager can do. Download the new version from our website and try it!

Evoko believes in green

The Evoko Room Manager has moved to a new gift box which will start to ship soon. Besides having a new and more modern design, it is also smaller. This is because we have decided to remove the power adapter from the box since more than 90% of the installation are made using PoE, thus resulting in that the power adapters just are thrown away. Not very environmental friendly!

For the remaining 10% that still want to use the power adapter this is offered as a free accessory. Just remember to let us know that you need power adapter when you place the order.

Extended warranty available for Room Manager

Have you noticed the Evoko Extended Warranty Program? All Evoko products have a standard warranty of two years. Now it will be possible extended the warranty with one to three years for the Room Manager, making the total warranty period as long as five years!

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