A meeting room booking system that is easy to use

Maybe you already see the benefits in adopting a digital meeting room booking system when it comes to analyzing meeting space usages, optimizing daily operations and branding you as a modern company. However, you may be unsure which one is the easiest for your staff to actually use. In this article we’ll show you how Evoko Liso is to use in everyday situations.

A week without Evoko

Recently an electric power outage at Swedish Outdoor Association broke the connection that makes meeting room booker Evoko Liso work. The following events where something like ”total anarchy” according to the companys CTO Erik Ehrner. We called him up to ask about how it was to lose the now established room booking functionality for a week.

Improving meeting culture

People being kicked out of meeting rooms, large groups having to cram into a huddle room and others frantically seeking a private place to take that all important call. These are all daily occurrences and why meeting culture is an important thing to cultivate. Here’s some concrete pointers on how to do it.