A mature approach to technology

New technology for the office has huge potential, but it doesn’t have to be in your face. Much like smart car technology, most of the new features of a connected office can work ”under the hood” without us ever noticing them or having to figure out how systems work. Cue the “single purpose device”.

How smart offices will save time and money

Digital transformation is now firmly on the agenda of facility managers as we’ve seen intelligent or smart buildings make smart use of the new connected technology. The next step is smart offices. Using sensors, cameras, software and new singular purpose devices you can support, strengthen and streamline daily office operations. In this article we will take you through a variety of examples of how technology will revolutionize the office.

Room booking is more than a list of features

It’s more like the sum of its parts. The brand new Evoko Naso, released just yesterday, has been developed by our award winning design teams to give you the very best meeting room booker to date. Since we build both the hardware and software we can guarantee best in class quality, security and functionality.