3 critical aspects to consider when choosing a room booking system for coworking

Choosing a digital room booking system is certainly a good investment for your business. But the demands for products that are placed in the areas like conference centers and showrooms are high. Then add a modern coworking space where several companies must share technical solutions and you have yourself a real challenge.

Decide on coworking software for shared spaces

There are many things to take into consideration. What products fits in the interior design and looks good, all the technical specifications from IT and what about maintenance? Sit down, relax and take a deep breath. Start by making a checklist of these three aspects you need to consider when you are in the search for a great digital room booking system.

1. Versatility – it needs to fit in everywhere

Room booking displays should look cool, no matter the venue. Wherever there are meeting rooms, a digital room booking manager is going to be visible and, whether you like it or not, influence visitor and coworkers alike. Make a list of the places where the product will end up.


  • Coworking office spaces
  • Smaller meeting rooms and Huddle rooms
  • Board rooms and larger meeting rooms
  • Conference centers
  • Auditoriums
  • Campuses
  • Showrooms

2. Usability – nobody should be forced to guess

The easier the interface, the better for all your visitors and employees. In coworking spaces, many types of personalites and skillsets are sharing the same system. Form and function are both essential to make them happy. A coworking space management software should cause a minimum of confusion especially in rush hours. So look for a simple interface that is easy to understand.

Stop light design
Evoko Liso uses light signals that are visible from a distance and easy to understand because of the Stop sign-design.

3. Easy to run daily – and no costly support agreements

Look for a solution that is easy to install. Compatibility is number one, and also look for things like if the product runs on batteries, then it might need more upkeep than if it is connected to a power outlet. Also make sure you don’t buy a product and run into nasty hidden fees and situations where you have to pay for updates.

Look over what email client your company uses and check if the system you’re looking at supports it.


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange 2019
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Google G Suite
  • IBM/Lotus Domino Smartcloud
  • IBM/Lotus Domino 8.5.3 or later

Keep this in mind with shared office spaces
In coworking offices you will probably share meeting areas. A new feature of Evoko Liso called Evoko Booking enables different companies to book the same rooms without sharing a common email address.