A great conference phone to help Swedish politicians

Swedish press has been reporting constantly on difficulties between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström and the Chairman of the Union “Kommunal”, Anneli Nordström. The problems were due to lack of communication.

A common reason for misunderstandings is bad sound quality at telephone meetings. That is the reason why we invented the Evoko Minto, one of the worlds easiest, smartest and most gorgeous conference phones. Based on a decade of research, Evoko Minto reduces disturbing noises and enhances the voice of the person speaking. The sound quality is superb and it easily cover rooms for 20 people. The award winning design makes the room look great no matter if it is in the Swedish Government Offices or in the headquarters of the Union.

At Evoko, we would like to help the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chairman of the Union to communicate better. Therefore, we decided to send them one Evoko Minto each with the expectation of great conversations and less misunderstanding.