Tennessee, USA

Ts117 provides the modern workforce a brand-new, 30,000 square feet flexible co-working facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee – a first of its kind in the region. With the co-working trend booming globally due to employees being more mobile and spread out than ever before, having the right tools to manage the shared space is essential in accommodating this new office culture. With Evoko Liso, users can simply walk up to a room, instantly see its current and future availability, and book it right there and then. “What makes Ts117 unique and popular is its ability to serve more irregular drop-in users. To make it work, however, we needed the booking and management of meeting spaces to be as quick and effortless as possible” explains Katina Ramsey, Community Manager at Ts117. The installation took place in 2019 when R&R Properties chose the meeting room booker Evoko Liso for their new co-working facility Ts117, a place that services the needs of 50 companies in one smart office space.

“With Evoko Liso, finding and reserving a suitable space is a seamless process”

Katina Ramsey, Community Manager at Ts117


Stockholm, Sweden

Evry is a full-service IT company based in the Nordics. They have just fully refurbished their office in Solna, Stockholm. The new design is now based around an “Activity based seating” concept. This meant that being able to find available workspaces for spontaneous meetings without using outlook was hugely important in their decision making process when choosing a room management system. The new layout includes cosy corners, pod style booths for individual phone calls and communal meeting areas. Hot desking is at the heart of the new design and Evry’s 700 employees are even provided with stylish white lockers to store their belongings. An installation of 84 Evoko Lisos were put in place outside meeting rooms around the office. They are used with both the panel booking function and the outlook meeting booking facility. Evry’s employees now find it really simple to locate a meeting room and the meeting rooms never go unused because of no shows, thanks to the Check in function that releases a room after a pre-set number of minutes.

“Our employees can quickly, with a glance, find a vacant conference room in our large office landscape. This reduces frustration and increases collaboration.”

Magnus Mühlenbock, Chief Technical Officer


London, UK

Neon Underwriting are a specialist Lloyds managing agent firm of insurance underwriters based in London. They operate within the fields of health, property, travel and acquisition. The company employees over 40 people at their central London office. Neon operates all over the world with offices located in Guernsey, Bermuda, Italy and Denmark.

As part of a full company rebrand, Neon not only changed their brand image but also completely refurbished their London office with the technical help of the experienced, locally based TEN Audio Visual.

Neon were looking for a bold new interior design to match their new and more flamboyant image. The new design was very colourful and the tech aspect of day to day business activities needed to match this. Functionality was of course the key deciding factor in which AV systems were installed.


The result….

An installation of 14 Evoko Liso room scheduling panels were fitted to the newly designed meeting rooms. The brightly coloured LED lighting indicators paired well with the new office environment and made finding available meeting rooms simple and efficient.

Meetings became more efficient and booking them is now managed through a complete solution that combats a whole range of common meeting room booking problems.


Manchester, UK

BAM Construct UK offer a complete construction and design service and are based in the UK. Working with both public and private sector clients their moto is creating outstanding buildings.

BAM relocated its office to Manchester and moved in to 11,000 sq ft of office space located on the second floor of the Metro building which they self-built.

A new office meant new interiors and the team at BAM Construct UK needed to deliver high quality meeting and presentation facilities. The top priority for Bam was a cable free environment and the best possible functionality within the budget available. There was also an increased need for a meeting room management system.

Estimator Colin Wills and IT Manager Daniel Chant of BAM Construct UK instructed Pure AV with an outline of the audio-visual equipment required for the project already in place. Their only frustration was the lack of the cable free element within their available budget.

The solution was the Evoko Room Manager. Although this does come with cables, the design is so that they are seamlessly organised and hidden within the cable management system.

The result…

The meeting rooms are now clear and clutter free, making meetings more efficient and booking them, a piece of cake.

Finding available meeting room spaces is now straight forward and not a major issue as it was before.


London Ontario, Canada

Voices.com are the industry leading provider of voiceovers within the world of advertising, entertainment and business. The company has over 100 employees based in their headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada and recently moved to a new office space. Voices.com were looking to expand and their previous office could not cope with the rising number of employees and the limited capacity.

The new headquarters went through a complete refit and design, taking in to account the main issues facing the day to day functionality of their office environment and focusing on how they could make every task, as efficient as possible. Bold colours and clean design are the key features to the new office and with this in mind, the Evoko Room Manager was an easy choice for the team to make.

Executive Assistant Melissa Willoughby says;

“At our previous office, I was ambushed by people asking me to book them a meeting or asking about availability throughout the day. When we decided to build a new office space, we knew this was a problem that needed a solution. After doing our research, we landed on the Evoko system – it’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar. Plus, we can book a room from our desks and can see whether or not a room is occupied by the lighting around the screen.”


The result…

Voices.com installed 11 Evoko Room Managers on glass walls outside meeting rooms throughout the office space.

The large team of employees are now able to schedule in meetings when and where they want without wasting time on searching for a free space. Spontaneous booking is also an option, as they can see when a room is available or not, just by the colour of the LED lighting.

“We moved into our new office in late 2016 and the Evoko system has been an obvious success. It has made scheduling meetings between colleagues a breeze and it has improved my workflow, because I’m no longer met with daily interruptions from our 100+ employees.”

The people at Voices.com are really pleased with the Evoko Room Manager and it has helped define the way they schedule meetings. Employees see the company as a technologically forward workplace and have been recognised as a “2018 Best workplace” by the Canadian, Great Place to Work Institute.


Stockholm, Sweden

Coor Service Management is one of the largest service providers in the Nordic area.

“We use Evoko Minto for our bi-weekly meetings with 20 people in our meeting room in Stockholm with several others calling in. Evoko Minto is making these phone meetings very effective by its simplicity and ease of use. The sound quality is superb and everyone are amazed with the fact that even the people at the far end of the room can be heard clearly. We love the contemporary design and the charger functionality on the wall mount makes sure it is always charged. We find the battery life excellent  – after 6 months with Minto we have not had a single dead battery in any of our four units. The wireless operation is totally in line with our modern way of working and the fact that you can mute it with a simple swipe of your hand is absolutely brilliant!”


Stockholm, Sweden

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technical solutions for the global travel industry. They currently have 23 Evoko Room Managers installed in their office in Stockholm.

“We were looking for a solution where it was possible to visualize room usage and enable ad hook bookings. We found that Evoko Room Manager did exactly this and moreover it also interacted easily with our current mail solution and it was therefore easy to implement.

Thanks to the LED illumination, it is easy for the employees to spot available rooms for spontaneous meetings. We now have, thanks to Evoko Room Manager more efficient usage of our meeting rooms!”


Swedish Pension Agency


The Swedish Pension Agency has 500 co-workers, 60 meeting rooms and 49 Evoko Room Managers. As a government organisation, the Swedish Pensions Agency has the responsibility for all national pensions. The purpose is to simplify administration and make things easier for pension savers and pensioners.

How Evoko Room Manager solved an everyday hassle
Systems engineer Patrick Karlsson describes the previous confusion when booking a conference room; “Did I book or did you?” “What room?” etc. And since the organisation is very meeting intense, this was an annoying everyday hassle.

Today, we no longer have double bookings, our meetings can begin in time and we have increased our efficiency.”

My favourite benefit
Patrick appreciates how easy the product is to use, no training was needed and almost no questions either. He also points out the ease of booking instant meetings. As a system engineer he also appreciate the automatic, simultaneous update of all Evoko units, increases personal efficiency.


Stockholm, Sweden

In the office of Happen AB in Stockholm freelance communicators are working at 24 desks over three floors. The office has a shared kitchen as well as conference, and meeting rooms. Among the tenants are designers, art directors, copywriters, and web strategists – all of them with a focus on communication. 340 square meters of creativity!

The Evoko Room Manager installation experience at Happen, was both smooth and simple. They self-installed with fast and flexible support from the Evoko team.

Happen chose to place an Evoko Room Manager right below a staircase leading up to a conference room. This way, the tenant (user) can easily can see if the meeting room is vacant without having to climb the stairs. “The fact that the touch screens are also melting into our environment very nicely is of course a plus”, John says. “The Evoko feels sophisticated and gives a professional impression to all our visitors.”

John Jureit, who is a partner at the company says that they saw Evoko Room Manager for the first time when visiting a sub-contractor and thought: ”We need this product”. Happen has chosen to install Evoko Room Managers outside both of their large conference rooms. They will also connect a third unit to a smaller, more private chat room.

The fact that Evoko was releasing support for Google Apps for Business came as positive news for Happen. The connection to their user’s Gmail accounts is working really well. However the majorities of the users at Happen are working on Mac computers and stay connected to Apples iCal.

“The biggest difference for us is the clarity the product brings”, John says. “The fact that the light turns red at the meeting room door when the room is busy makes things easier for everyone. The clarity and simplicity that the product brings is something that everyone who works here will benefit from”, he explains. The company can see a positive effect as for the meeting room usage – since the Evoko Room Manager allows for people to sneak into a room for a short while, in between scheduled meetings.  If the booking starts on the next hour, the room can still be used in the meantime. “Evoko Room Manager gives us the overview we’ve strived at. As a result of the Evoko Room Manager installation we have increased the comfort variable in our office”, John explains.

SCA Schucker GmbH & C. KG

Gothenburg, Sweden

For German SCA Schucker, the Evoko Room Manager brought more discipline into the meeting culture. Today the employees are more communicative, meeting bookings have become more structured and the meetings have more quality. And no product training was needed!

SCA Schucker GmbH & C. KG – a synonym of quality in adhesive systems and dosing technology for automotive and general industry.

How Evoko Room Manager increased their efficiency
IT manager Alexander Fischer is amazed at how the Evoko Room Manager has brought more discipline into the meeting culture at the office:

“The staff has become more communicative, meeting bookings have become more structured and the meetings have more quality” 

SCA Schucker uses Evoko Room Managers for various meetings rooms, such as traditional meeting rooms, small cells for individual work and for booking large ”marketing places” where we can gather a larger group.

For Alexander, the best advantage with Evoko products is the fact that they are so easy to use without requiring additional training.

“We have a 95% booking rate on the Evoko Room Managers.”

Evoko is the perfect match for SCA Schucker’s innovative culture
The brand’s co-workers love the Evoko Room Manager solution and say they would recommend it to their own customers.