“Our employees can quickly, with a glance find a vacant conference room in our large office landscape. This reduces frustration and increases collaboration.”

Magnus Mühlenbock
CTO, Evry

“Evoko Minto is making these phone meetings very effective by its simplicity and ease of use. The sound quality is superb and everyone are amazed with the fact that even the people at the far end of the room can be heard clearly.”

Coor Service Mgt

“At our previous office, I was ambushed by people asking me to book them a meeting or asking about availability throughout the day. When we decided to build a new office space, we knew this was a problem that needed a solution. After doing our research, we landed on the Evoko system – it’s easy to use and intergrates seamlessly with Google Calander. Plus, we can book a room from our desks and can see wheather or not a room is occupied by the lighting around the screen.”

Melissa Willoughby
Executive Assistant,