Connect your Evoko Minto Automatically

A new functionality is developed to let the user specify a specific device (Auto Pair Device) to be automatically connected to Evoko Minto at power up.

User scenarios

1. Normal BT pairing

Evoko Minto is used in a meeting room as a conference speaker together with a participant’s mobile phone or laptop. Evoko Minto is not a “personal device”, but an “office device” used by multiple people in the company.  It is important to make sure that Evoko Minto does not connect to any devices without the owner knowing.

The computer or phone therefore has to be manually connected with Bluetooth (BT) before each use. The manual connection prevents someone passing by the room to be connected without knowing it or someone connect to Evoko Minto from outside the room without the people in the room knowing.

2. Auto pairing Mode

When Evoko Minto is used as the speaker and the microphone in a videoconference set up, it will often be connected to the same stationary computer. An easy pairing procedure is crucial!  We therefore have developed an Auto Pairing Mode where ONE specific device (Auto Pair Device) can be specified for automatic pairing at Power up of Evoko Minto.


Auto Pairing Mode Functionality

Normal Mode (default)
Pairing activated by pressing BT key.
Pairing also has to be initiated by the phone or computer.
Abort pairing or pairing disconnect is done by short press of BT key.

Auto Pair Mode
Auto Pair Mode is activated by specifying what device Evoko Minto should Auto Pair with:

  1. Pair Evoko Minto with the device (Auto Pair Device) as normal.
  2. When the device (Auto Pair Device) is connected with Evoko Minto press VOL+ and BT key at the same time for 3 sec .
  3. There will be a confirm beep and the device is now stored in the Auto Pair Memory.

Evoko Minto will connect automatically to the specific device (Auto pair Device) at Power up and when Evoko Minto is taken off the Wall Mount =>“Pairing completed”.

Evoko Minto will try to connect to the Auto Pair Device for 160 sec. If the Auto Pair Device is not available (not turned on) Evoko Minto will turn into Normal Mode. Next time Evoko Minto is powered up it will try to Auto Pair again!

The automatic pairing (160sec) can be interrupted by pressing the BT key when Evoko Minto is blinking blue => “Pairing removed” and it will go back to Normal Mode. Next time Evoko Minto is powered up it will try to Auto Pair again!

The Auto Pair BT connections will be active and the Evoko Minto will be on until:

  • The 3.5-cable is connected.
  • The BT key is pressed.
  • Evoko Minto is turned off manually.
  • The battery runs out.

There is NO time out (automatic power off) when connected to an Auto Pair Device!

The Auto Pair Mode can be de-activated by pressing VOL+ and BT just after Power Up and when Evoko Minto is trying to Auto Pair, i.e. the blue light is blinking. The Auto Pair Device should not be on (if it is, it will pair with Evoko Minto and the de-activation will not go through).

If the predefined device is not on with BT active when Evoko Minto is powered up, Evoko Minto will actively search for automatic connection for 160 sec. If it does not find the predefined device, it will turn into Normal Mode. The Auto Pair will be activated again when the Evoko Minto is powered up next time (i.e. Evoko Minto has to be restarted to automatically pair with the predefined device!!).

Evoko Minto can be charged by USB at the same time as Auto Pair Mode is activated.