Evoko Booking enhances flexibility at FirstOffice

FirstOffice are now using Evoko Liso with stand-alone booking platform Evoko Booking as their newer serviced offices throughout Sweden. Evoko Booking has enabled tenants at FirstOffice to plan ahead as well as hold meetings in other cities around Sweden. We met with their Marketing Manager Amanda Moquist to talk about industry trends and their experience with Evoko Booking.

How would you describe FirstOffice?
FirstOffice offers flexible and fully serviced office space for any smaller business looking for
a good place to work. They have 60+ locations in 10 cities throughout Sweden and tenants
can choose to work in private office rooms, coworking spaces or the newly launched larger
private office room concept Big Office. When renting office space from FirstOffice
everything is included in the contract. For us it is important that it is easy – easy to move in,
easy to work, easy to expand and easy to move out.

How has the last year been for FirstOffice?
We have had a good year despite Covid-19. Since January we have opened 6 new locations. I
dare to say it is because we offer private office rooms where the tenants have their own space.
The demand for office space close to home has also gone up during Covid-19. Our serviced
offices are situated in close proximity to residential areas and many of our tenants value the

What do you predict for the future?
As for FirstOffice we want to be even more flexible and we want our tenants to feel they have
the possibility to be flexible too. During Covid-19 geography has not been as important when
hiring. Before employees often belonged to an office and a location. Now that business is
more digital it does not matter as much if your employees are spread out over the country.
We work like this and we want to help our tenants do the same. I also think coworking will
bloom again. Office downsizing means people will need places to work. If your home is not
an option, renting a coworking spot might be the solution. I predict we will see more of that
in the future.

Why did you choose Evoko Liso?
We liked that the booking system is accessible from both the app and computer as well as the display outside the rooms. It is great to have all the options. I often book conference rooms from my computer while some tenants like to use the display. The display is easy to
understand, looks good in our offices and its green and red light also makes it easy to see if a room is available or not. It is also useful for us to be able to keep track of who is booking the
rooms. I think it was a spot-on choice and we are very proud to have it.

How does Evoko Booking compare to your previous room booking system?

We did not really have a system before so it has really simplified things, both for us and our tenants. The biggest difference is that it is now possible to book rooms in other cities. Without Evoko we could not be able to offer that flexibility to our tenants. Earlier we have not been able to say that they can work from all cities because we have not been able to guarantee it before. Evoko Booking really facilitates our concept of working freely from all our 10 cities.

What do your tenants think about Evoko Booking?
They like it. Our site managers work closely with our tenants and we have only gotten
positive feedback. They think it is efficient, easy to use and that it has been exciting to go
from no booking system to this high-tech solution.

Have you noticed a change in work flow?
Our tenants have started to book rooms in other cities. Everything feels very smooth and
flexible. We want flexibility and tech to permeate our entire business and not just be an
empty promise. Tech solutions like Evoko Booking lets us stay relevant and be able to offer
that to our tenants.

Would you recommend Evoko to other companies?

Woman uses Evoko Naso
Woman uses Evoko Liso