Evoko increase the efficiency at Philips’ offices world-wide

We are proud to share the comments from a happy Evoko Room Manager fan, Philips. They even wrote an article about their global roll out of Room Managers in their internal magazine:

“We are very happy with the Digital Room Display so far. It is intuitive, well designed (award winning) and a patented solution, which does not infringe on IT security, and is very easy to mount. Recently the WPI (Workplace Innovation) Steer Committee decided that Evoko’s Digital Room Display should be the standard room-booking solution for all WPI locations.” says Claudine van Vlimmeren, Global Program Manager for Workplace Innovation, Philips.

The quote is from an article in their internal magazine presenting Philips global roll out of Evoko Room Managers. Ms van Vlimmeren continues:

“What we want to achieve is an increase in employee satisfaction by providing more choice in available meeting rooms, hence also increasing employee productivity. Many are very enthusiastic about this new tool and that alone is already a big and positive change.”