Image of Evoko Liso

Evoko Liso 2.6 is available for download

We are happy to announce that our latest firmware update for the Evoko Liso has been released. Even though with our latest room manager on the market, the Evoko Naso, the Liso is running strong and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We have in this update made some interesting improvements and some very helpful features for the Evoko Liso.

The Evoko Liso is, in our humble opinion, the best one-time fee and on-premise hosted room booking solution available on the market today.
Please find below the release notes for the update for Evoko Liso 2.6.

Evoko Liso updates:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please use a modern browser when using Evoko Home.
  • Exchange 2010 is no longer supported.
  • Components Updated:
    MongoDB 4.2.9
    Node.js v12.20.1
    PM2 4.4.1
  • New: Device firmware updates can now be automated.
  • New: Possible to invite other people (email) with Evoko Booking
  • New: Possible to create all day meetings with Evoko Booking
  • Improvement: Added Room ID to Statistics Output
  • Improvement: Added sleep/wake (working hours) to statistics raw data output.
  • Improvement: Allow multiple recipients for offline devices.
  • Improvement: Implemented official Google Workspace Library/API for Google configuration.
  • Improvement: Remove jQuery-ui meteor library and update jQuery to 3.6.0
  • Improvement: Windows installer does not require an internet connection.
  • Improvement: NTP options.
  • Security: Continuously security improvements.


  • Evoko Home: Serial number of Liso device is now listed in Evoko Home.
  • Evoko Home: Email link to admin interface when new admin is created.
  • Evoko Home: Added button to remove certificate files.
  • Evoko Home: Added support for updates with non default Mongo installs.
  • Evoko Home: Email of offline devices now supports multiple addresses.
  • Evoko Liso: Start every logfile with version-information.
Bug fixes:
  • Evoko Home: Improving error message for invalid emails.
  • Evoko Home: Default settings causes 403 Forbidden error when booking future meeting.
  • Evoko Home: Ubuntu installer – re-encryption of passphrase has been fixed.
  • Evoko Home: Link to server missing in invitation email.
  • Liso: Liso attempts to connect to back NTP servers if configured is unreachable.
  • Liso: German misspell on pass screen.
  • Liso: Static IP Configuration sometimes would not work correctly.
  • Liso: Refactor sleep/wake functionality
  • Liso: Can not change room on the device due to filter issue.