Evoko Liso 2.5 is available for download

We are happy to announce that our latest and perhaps finest firmware update for the Evoko Liso has been released. Even though we recently released our latest room manager, the Evoko Naso, the Liso is running strong and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The Evoko Liso is, in our humble opinion, the best one-time fee and on-premise hosted room booking solution available on the market today.

So, without further a due, here are the release notes for Evoko Liso 2.5.

Evoko Liso updates

Evoko Home v2.5.0.93 (Windows)
Evoko Home v2.5.0.92 (Linux)
Evoko Liso firmware v2.5.0.90


  • Components Updated:
    • MongoDB 4.2.9
    • Node.js v12.18.3
    • PM2 4.4.1
  • New: Evoko Booking can be used simultaneously with any supported third-party booking system.
  • New: Possibility to add external users to Evoko Home.
  • New: Evoko Booking user profile page allows for password and PIN reset.
  • Improvement: Remote firmware update process reliability fixes.
  • Improvement: Rewritten Google Workspace connector.
  • Security: Mode for strict TLS verification on Liso.
  • Security: General security improvements for Evoko Home and Liso.


  • More reliable Google Workspace meeting organizer check.
  • Recurring meetings optimization.
  • Translation improvements for German, Icelandic, Norwegian and Russian.
  • Clearer password/PIN reset emails.
  • Custom equipment in Evoko Booking.
  • Many smaller improvements to Evoko Home, Evoko Booking and Evoko Liso.

Bug fixes:

  • Evoko Home: MongoDB had an install/upgrade issue on Linux.
  • Evoko Home: VNC button did not reactivate.
  • Liso: Wrong settings were displayed on static network settings screen.
  • Liso: RFID settings was reset on reboot.
  • Liso: Iron router error screen sometimes appeared when using Wifi.