Hassle free booking with decision-making support included.

If you have a large number of meeting rooms, you face two challenges: Using them efficiently and actually benefitting from all your meetings. Evoko Room Manger EVO is a new software version of Evoko’s ingenious room-booking product, which thanks to its monitoring and statistics functions meets both these challenges. Evoko Room Manager clarifies the booking situation with the use of touch-screens located outside each meeting room. With Evoko Room Manager EVO, the company’s system administrator controls and monitors all touch-screens directly from his computer; at the same time, management gains access to a valuable decision-making tool based on the employees’ meeting patterns.

Major Cost Savings

“This is a completely new way of looking at meetings. Now for the first time, we can systematically benefit from all the valuable information to be gathered from the meeting behaviours within the organisation. With Evoko Room Manager EVO, you can get an overview of and analyse detailed statistics of your meeting habits to optimise the use of your resources – both on a personnel level and in terms of facilities. This allows for considerable cost savings”, says Richard Glückman, General Manager for Evoko Unlimited AB. “The statistics function, for example, tells us in black and white what proportions of our meetings are booked in advance, booked spontaneously or are extended. You can even see if the bookings are not being used or identify bottlenecks with regard to types of rooms or to equipment. Such information can be used as a clear decision-making support, while allowing us to improve the company’s overall meeting culture.”


Meeting Intelligence

Just like how all large companies today extract reports in order to help make decisions, or extract Business Intelligence through the customer, supplier and sales data found in the company’s ERP system, now they will be able to benefit from their meetings more efficiently than before.

“Evoko Room Manager has already solved the problem of unclear booking routines. The new Evoko Room Manager EVO software works in the same way. It is just as easy: You book a meeting using your calendar – for example Outlook, Google Calendar, a web app or directly on the touch-screen, and no extra server or software is needed upon installation”, concludes Richard Glückman.


Get an Overview and Save Time with Remote Management

Evoko Room Manager EVO has the same overall functionality as Evoko Room Manager; and is thus a software update. One important difference in addition to the statistics is Remote Management. This allows the company’s system administrator to monitor the status of all units directly from his computer.

In the same way, upgrading software and updating settings is also done more quickly, as such can be done to all units simultaneously and remotely – which saves a great deal of both time and effort for large companies.