Room booking is more than a list of features

It’s more like the sum of its parts. The brand new Evoko Naso, released just yesterday, has been developed by our award winning design teams to give you the very best meeting room booker to date. Since we build both the hardware and software we can guarantee best in class quality, security and functionality.

Released at the annual ISE show

Evoko Naso simply takes care of the meeting room bookings so you can focus on the meetings. Isn’t that what it all is about? The brand new product Evoko Naso has been in development for years and now it was finally released at the big AV-fair “ISE”. It is shown alongside other products such as the Evoko Pusco and Evoko Liso.

Room booking and beyond

No matter what company you are you can get the Evoko Naso in different versions to suit your every need. It can be a very minimalistic and smooth room booker with the basic features, or it can be upgraded to a very sophisticated meeting room system using newer things like visitor management and desk booking. We currently have three different package options and if you’re interested in knowing the differences you can have a look at the product page for Evoko Naso.

The packages
The packages – inspired by warm scents and flavors