They went from post-it notes and colleagues not used to booking rooms in calendars to modern efficiency with Evoko Room Managers. And it works. It is now easier for the 150 people at the editorial of the Swedish newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren, to keep track of the meeting rooms. Today they have almost no double bookings and the clarity as well as the room usage have increased.

Company: Västerbottens-Kuriren, Sweden
Mail server platform: Google Apps for Business

The editorial of the Swedish newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren has placed Evoko Room Managers outside their 7 largest meeting rooms. Journalists, reporters and other employees – a total of 150 persons are sharing an open office space on the same floor.

Their IT Manager Anders Vännman tells me it’s now easier to keep track of the meeting rooms, after the installation of Evoko Room Manager. Prior to Evoko, the company was using the platform FirstClass for emails and room booking. Back then, the colleagues were not at all used to booking rooms in any calendar, and post-it notes were used to mark a booking outside a room. “Not very good looking in a nice office environment”, Anders says.

Now, being so many persons to share the same office space, Anders feels the Evoko solution is almost required for the room booking procedure to function at all.

A series of 5 Evokos are mounted in a hallway, which makes it easier for everyone looking for an unscheduled room. “Thanks to the green and red background illumination (LED) on the screen which makes it possible to see from a distance which room is free – it’s no longer possible to sneak into any room.” ”Nowadays we have almost no double bookings and the clarity as well as the room usage have increased here“, Anders explains.

Västerbottens-Kuriren had used Google Apps for Business for a while when Evoko released its support for Google – which was much longed for. “The simple and intuitive world of Google has been a dream to many”, Anders explains. Everything works without manuals or cheat sheets. “The fact is that you can even notice an increased amount of calendar bookings being made in general among the employees, thanks to Evoko Room Manager”, Anders says.  My colleagues have also become much better in using Google Calendar for other things than room booking. Except booking time for them, our staff is also now reserving the company’s apartments prior to business trips, scheduling phone meetings and other things. Anders sees this as a very positive trend.